About AT Efficiency



Utilizing data to provide quality improvements, value, and efficiency in sports medicine.


Company Overview

AT Efficiency provides a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities for sports medicine and other health care organizations. This includes setting up an efficient means to collect data, patient-reported outcomes, and clinical compliance. Business and marketing strategies are then developed to improve the organization's bottom line and improve patient satisfaction.



To uncover and analyze value-based health care and improve the patient’s experience.  

A Message from the Founder



My name is Scott Mullett and AT Efficiency is my project! I have spent more than a decade providing athletic training services for secondary schools, semi-professional athletics, and fortune 500 companies. I've seen and tracked first-hand the immense care and overall value athletic trainers provide for their patients. 

With the direction health care is headed, data is going to be the driving force behind the success of any program.  Through my collaboration with many athletic trainers throughout the country, we have identified that there is an opportunity to help change healthcare. With our abilities to provide a unique skill set to a growing patient population, that vast need for services will continue to grow.

I want to do everything I can to assist with this change. I'm dedicated to help programs achieve success though data collection and improve the efficiency of patient care, and I understand that I'm not alone on this. All medical professionals do have one common goal: providing the best quality care for their patients. I firmly believe that we need to collaborate and work with our colleagues in medicine to improve quality and the patient experience.

I encourage you to seek the answers to those tough questions which impact health care. If we work together, we can achieve greatness.


Scott A. Mullett, M.A., AT, CEFE

Founder and Owner, AT Efficiency 

A Message from Business Partner, Anna Applegate


 I graduated from Boston University with my Bachelor’s in Athletic Training. While there, I had the opportunity to contribute to biomechanics research, which is what sparked my interest in clinical technology. Since then, I’ve found a passion in data and worked on developing my skills in programming and analytics.

My interest in data and innovation led me to collaborating with Scott. My job experience in business operations for a startup and project management in clinical data collection has helped me look at problem solving from a systems and process improvement approach. My role in this partnership is to help develop the front end requirements and back end systems that will help Athletic Trainers advocate their value through data-driven insights. I’m looking forward to working with Scott and Athletic Trainers on the front line to advocate for individuals and the profession as a whole.



"Working with AT Efficiency has increased not only our perceived value, but the actual worth that our Athletic Trainers are providing to clients. We anticipate being able to increase current contracts and recruit new clients with the data that AT Efficiency has been able to provide us. Additionally, by shining a light on the importance of this, we are operating more in line with best practices and collecting better information to protect against potential liability.” 

— Alisha M Pennington, Owner, ATvantage Athletic Training 


"AT Efficiency's unique ability to research specific data has provided valuable insight to the development of Innovate AT. AT Efficiency's willingness to extend support for our growth is a great sign of teamwork. We're excited to work with AT Efficiency!"

  —  Adam Halpern, Founder, Innovate AT


"AT Efficiency is the perfect company at the perfect time in Sports Medicine. Being able to analyze data in a non bias way and to bridge the gap between clinical and business value is a huge asset to the industry and nobody is doing it better right now. AT Efficiency does a great job of navigating the space and helping to create a clearer vision for the future of Athletic Training."

  —  Dan Fronzak, Co-owner, Healthy Roster